Stellar Academy for Dyslexics

As a private, non-profit, special education school, Stellar Academy provides an effective, specialized program for students with a Dyslexia program guided by the standards of the state of California. Our program strives to equip students with strategies to overcome the challenges of Dyslexia and return them to regular public or private schooling in two to four years.

Stellar Academy is dedicated to teaching students with Dyslexia the necessary coping strategies to help them succeed in the classroom. Through the years, we have seen this success build student confidence in other areas of academics, social development, and ultimately their personal contribution to society.

Our students are of average to above-average intelligence yet have had difficulty acquiring language and reading skills through conventional instruction. These same students are responding to the alternative approach at Stellar. By using our success-oriented, progressive, multi-sensory approach to instruction throughout the curriculum, our students are developing an enthusiasm for learning.

In addition to our specialized instruction in language arts, Stellar offers a strong academic program guided by the standards of the state of California. Our school curriculum includes science, math, social studies, physical education, computers, PE and art. Through our program, students are building academic competence, acquiring effective work habits, and developing self-confidence.


About Us

Stellar Academy provides alternative instruction to meet the needs of children who suffer with symptoms of Dyslexia. We help students unlock the door of language and literacy. Find out more

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Stellar Academy provides effective, specialized programs for students with Dyslexia. We offer a full academic program guided by the standards of the state of California. Learn More

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Stellar Academy for Dyslexics is centrally located in the East Bay. We offer school visits, screening resources and guidance on application process. Reach out


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